We have moved  to Tasmania .

 I will still be involved with the breed and I will be still planning to have the occasional litter . When I plan a litter the details will be here .

Potential puppy owners are carefully screened to ensure our puppies are placed in loving homes with families who have a clear understanding of the commitment they are undertaking. Since adorable little bundles of joy grow and mature to become a lifetime commitment, we emphasize to our puppy owners the importance of education and proper preparation prior to their puppy’s arrival, as well as the need for continued education, appropriate training and socialization throughout the puppy’s entire life. We support and offer guidance to our puppy owners and ask they keep in touch with us for any needed information and advice. We encourage phone calls, e-mails, letters, and photos regularly throughout the life of your new companion as we are sincerely concerned for the lifelong welfare of our dogs.


Please note all pet pups come  with de sexing contracts and are on limited papers .



     EVERY UMKIMZULU PUPPY ..goes home with a goody bag ..





*Official Umkimzulu Breed Booklet designed by us .


*Puppy Blanket *Toys *Collar  


  *Health Warranty fully checked at birth by Vet vaccinated at 6 weeks, including vets name and details . 




 *Fully Wormed every 2 weeks with Drontal (details in booklet)  *Vaccinated(C3) and full health check, 


 *Micro chipped   ( I do change of owner for you )


*Checked for Dermoid Sinus ,by vet, and myself.  


*Heartworm treatment advised  


*Protected from flea's with a treatment of Frontline .


*De Sexing Contract pets only 


*Pups picked up locally a few days of food and toys .


*Extensively socialised puppy


*Information regarding Pet Insurance


*Copies of Hips and Elbow scores of parents


*Copies of testing of DM/EOAD  of parents .


*Extensive Breed knowledge 28 years


* Return to us policy for the dogs life


* Blanket and Toy for pups going Interstate

*I personally take the pups to the airport and put them into the travelling crate with blanket and toys .


*Each puppy MUST attend puppy pre school & basic obedience




*Pups crate trained 

 * Video and photos updated each week so you can see the pups playing and enjoying our puppy play zone .